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Music Reading Class has two versions or modes. Classic Mode, and Game Mode.
Both versions have the same course content but customized videos and level names. 


A straightforward format for both kids and adults!


Follows a video game or movie storyline for both kids and adults. 




"Music Reading Class provides a fun and unique way to teach yourself or your child to read music. Reading music is an essential skill that helps in communicating ideas with other musicians."
~ Barry Caudill
Loyola University of Maryland

Frequently Asked Questions

When you learn to read and play music, you can quickly learn songs and communicate with others through the universal language of music. Reading and playing music is an art form with many benefits, including relieving stress, improving focus, and academic comprehension. Check out the MRC About Page for more. 

MRC supplements are uniquely designed to compete with distractions such as social media and video games for students of all ages. 

Presenting high-quality curriculum in a modern format (quick instructional videos with constant graphics and movement) increases engagement, completion rates, and enjoyment. MRC Game Mode follows a movie / video game storyline, creating a unique experience for both kids and adults. 

Clear, highly segmented curriculum makes stopping and starting easy while mobile optimization allows MRC to be accessed from mobile devices.

No! Music Reading Class courses are hosted on the reliable Teachable online course platform. Simply go to the MRC Login Page on Teachable, login to your Music Reading Class course, and that’s it!

Yes! Starting music ensembles or private lessons with a strong music reading foundation makes the experience much easier and more fun.

Every child is different, so we can’t give an exact age. We can say that children under 10 years of age may need some supervision, depending on the child. Instructional videos can be viewed as many times as needed. If unsure, check out our About MRC webpage and video for more information.

Yes! With our flexible schedule option, MRC can work around any schedule. You are NEVER too old to learn to read, play, and enjoy music!

We want to teach the world to read music by making Music Reading Class courses affordable.

Yes! Having an instrument while taking Music Reading Class is helpful, but not essential. After enjoying MRC, you can learn an instrument or voice already knowing the fundamentals of reading music.

Coming soon! Music Reading Class will have specialized course editions, expansion packs, and new courses! Check out the MRC Expansion Campaign details on Indiegogo.

Indiegogo allows us to effectively introduce Music Reading Class courses to a large audience with deep discounts, perks, and donation opportunities. 

We want to spread the word to music educators, administrators, parents, students of all ages, and the large community of music education supporters about our courses and donation programs. Help your students, your child, a loved one, or yourself to enjoy the benefits of music. Sponsor a school music education program that has helped you, your loved ones, or community by donating through our MRC Sponsor a School Program. 

We are a buy one, donate one company and we will match every purchase with a donated program to a child who might not be able to afford one, or an organization that you donate to through our programs. 

Help us to raise awareness about the importance of music education. 

Music Reading Class is made by teachers, powered by community.

No! Learning to read music is not hard, and we can prove it. We make it easy and fun!

  • Students can reinforce reading fundamentals at-home, so teachers can focus on refining music 
  • Teachers can use short videos as a starting point for the music reading needs of that day 
  • Great for students who miss class or fall behind to catch-up at home 
  • Advanced students can enjoy more challenging levels at home while others catch-up in class 
  • Ready-to-go, classroom curriculum for substitute teachers, even non-music teachers 
  • Ready-to-go, at-home curriculum for school closings 

MRC discounted group rates are available for public schools, private schools, homeschools, and other groups. Contact us at for more information.

Most crowdfunding campaigns raise funds for a project by offering supporters, or “Backers”, rewards for their pledges. These rewards are usually a product promised at a later date, IF the crowdfunding goal is met and IF the product is successfully produced. 

For example, “Help us to finance producing this clock. If we meet our crowdfunding goal, we will manufacture and send you a clock in one year.” 

With Music Reading Class, our flagship courses are finished and ready to go. Backers can get their Music Reading Class course the next day by simply receiving their own course code via email!! 

We are asking backers to help us EXPAND our already produced flagship courses and supplements into specialized versions for schools, organizations, individual instruments, and beyond. We are asking backers to help finance our mission to help music students, teachers, administrators, and communities by strengthening music programs and advocating for the importance of music education.


Music is for all ages and so is Music Reading Class! We make learning to read and play music easy and fun. Whether you are a child, an adult or a musician who never learned to read music, Music Reading Class is for you! 

When you learn to read music, it helps you to communicate and understand music at a different level. Rather than having to say “I can’t read music”, say “I Can Read It!” with Music Reading Class! 


Is your child

  • Starting school band, orchestra, or choir? 
  • Falling behind in school music classes? 
  • Far ahead and in need of extra challenges? 
  • Wanting to take, or get ahead in private lessons? 
  • In need of a fun, positive, meaningful activity? 

Are you a homeschool parent and/or teacher looking for the perfect music curriculum that doesn’t require a music background and is ready for use? 


Increase student retention, raise enrollment, and strengthen music programs. We know there is rarely enough class time to help individual students. Music Reading Class supplements can help students who have fallen behind to improve their music reading skills at home while challenging advanced students.
  • MRC supplements are uniquely designed to compete with distractions such as social media or video games. Students reinforce music reading basics at home, helping them to catch-up in school ensembles, participate and have fun!
  • MRC supplements are also designed for easy in-school use, great for substitute teachers and effective use during school closings.
  • No downloading required! MRC courses are web-based on the reliable Teachable course platform
  • Academically strong and easily supported by administrations.
  • Private Lesson Instructors- Encourage students to reinforce reading fundamentals at home so you can focus on their instrument or voice!