Free Printable PDF Music Learning Resources including a variety of customized staff paper


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Blank Staff Paper

Customized Staff Paper


Music is for all ages and so is Music Reading Class! We make learning to read and play music easy and fun. Whether you are a child, an adult or a musician who never learned to read music, Music Reading Class is for you! 

When you learn to read music, it helps you to communicate and understand music at a different level. Rather than having to say “I can’t read music”, say “I Can Read It!” with Music Reading Class! 


Is your child

  • Starting school band, orchestra, or choir? 
  • Falling behind in school music classes? 
  • Far ahead and in need of extra challenges? 
  • Wanting to take, or get ahead in private lessons? 
  • In need of a fun, positive, meaningful activity? 

Are you a homeschool parent and/or teacher looking for the perfect music curriculum that doesn’t require a music background and is ready for use? 


Increase student retention, raise enrollment, and strengthen music programs. We know there is rarely enough class time to help individual students. Music Reading Class supplements can help students who have fallen behind to improve their music reading skills at home while challenging advanced students.
  • MRC supplements are uniquely designed to compete with distractions such as social media or video games. Students reinforce music reading basics at home, helping them to catch-up in school ensembles, participate and have fun!
  • MRC supplements are also designed for easy in-school use, great for substitute teachers and effective use during school closings.
  • No downloading required! MRC courses are web-based on the reliable Teachable course platform
  • Academically strong and easily supported by administrations.
  • Private Lesson Instructors- Encourage students to reinforce reading fundamentals at home so you can focus on their instrument or voice!